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New Sermons

Revelation 8:1-5: The Seventh Seal

As we continue in out study of Revelation, we come to the Seventh Seal, where Heaven falls silent. In this week’s message, Pastor Scott Gourley works through the transition between the seals and the trumpets as the book moves towards the judgement of God.  

Revelation 7:1 17: The Righteous Shall Stand

Last week, we were left with the question of who shall stand in the presence of the Lord. In this week’s message in Revelation, Pastor Scott Gourley explains how it is the Righteous, those redeemed by Christ, who shall stand and what that means for us. We had some issues with sound this week. and as a result, part of Pastor Gourley’s message is missing. We do apologize, and we should have everything working properly next week.

Revelation 6:1-16: Who Can Stand?

As we enter Revelation chapter 6, we start to see God’s judgment poured out on the world. In this week’s message, Pastor Scott Gourley shares just what we can learn about God’s love and justice in this chapter.

Revelation 5:1-14: The Throne Room of God: The Glory of Jesus

As Revelation moves into the fifth chapter, the focus of the vision shifts. Where the end of Chapter 4 focused on the Glory of God the Father, the start of chapter 5 focuses much more on the Glory of Jesus. In this week’s message, Pastor Scott Gourley shares how Jesus is worth of all Glory as the risen lamb that was slain.


Should We Go to Church Today?

A few months ago—before Covid-19 had reared its ugly head—David and I rose on a Sunday morning, and over the breakfast table, David asked, “Well, should we go to church today?” We both burst out laughing. You see, attending church is not a decision we make weekly. We need our church family. We need to see each other’s faces, each other’s smiles and tears. Zoom was a great stopgap measure, but each of us need person-to-person contact. The Bible tells…

Parents, Don’t Settle for Second Best

Parents, Don’t Settle for Second Best Parents, as a fellow parent, I know that you want the best for your children. I know that I do. I want my kids to have full, wonderful lives filled with love and laughter and adventure. I want them to follow their dreams and become all that God made them to be. I also want my children to know Jesus and to follow Him for their entire lives. I pray that they will grow in…

Self-Denial through Rest

If you are like a lot of us, the last few months have not been restful. While life hasn’t always been busy in the physical sense, it feels like life has been much busier than usual in the mental sense. This can bring mental fatigue and emotional struggle. What does a mature Christian response to fatigue look like? To rest. We all need rest, and it is good, okay, and spiritual to rest. We have to trust in God that…